The Lithium-Ion Experts

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STARK Power GmbH


Innovative & passionate

As innovative and passionate inventor it is our ambition to engineer Lithium-Ion battery systems, which guarantee to be safe and reliable, as well high as adequate in rate of power and energy – in order that the customer can be comfortable and unburdened.

Therefor we have designed our battery systems in accordance with customers focus.

Our designs do not require an understanding of Lithium-Battery systems. Our aim is and was to design the understanding inside the battery system and come up with two terminal solutions – plus and minus – ready to connect and followed by a right away start!

Durable, Space-saving, and lightweight

Lithium-Ion accumulator systems are more durable, space-saving, and lighter than conventional systems with VLRA batteries. They offer great advantages with regard to operational security as well as to economic viability.

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