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Lithionator® TEL Serie

Lithionator® TEL Serie

Product description

TEL is offering a range of 48 V battery systems in 19 inch rack assembly housings for rack assembly which have the following advantages:

  • better power performance than VRLA-Systems and therefor higher security of supply by higher capacity.
  • smaller volume and lower weight makes the use of smaller housings possible.
  • save use for a long time due to many possible cycles.
  • better security of supply by lower service life dependency on higher temperatures and shorter recharge times.

So finally Lithium-ion-battery systems have a much better economic viability than VLRA-Systems due to the ability to have less aging versus temperature and provide in some circumstances up to 10 times more cycles than VRLA-battery systems.

The battery system can be connected directly to the DC supply of the telecom equipment. The battery systems are equipped with a high-end BMS-system (battery management system) which measures:

  • Total cell set voltage
  • Individual cell voltages
  • Temperature
  • Charge and Discharge Current

Discharge Operation

In the case of DC power is off, the discharge is controlled by a MOSFET so that the limits maximum current, minimum and maximum cell voltage, minimum and maximum temperature are never exceeded resp. fallen below. In case a parameter reaches its limit the discharge is switched off.

Charge Operation

After the DC power returns, the charge is controlled by a MOSFET the BMS charges the battery system with a constant current-constant voltage regime (CCCV). During charging the BMS balances the cells via the bypass path (Transistor and Resistor). The charge is stopped if the first cell reaches the maximum cell voltage. The recharge is repeated under continuous float conditions after the cell voltages drop to certain (programmable) value. In case that the maximum cell temperature is exceeded the charge will be stopped and carried out after the temperature falls back under the limit.


For visualisation the BMS controls 3 LED, green, red and yellow.
For visualisation of the operation modes the BMS has a LED bar to visualise battery system empty and SOC (state of charge) after pressing a reset button. As an option the battery systems with 2 or more height units can be equipped with OLED-display to visualise voltages, currents, temperatures and SOC.


Specification Table

NameNominal Voltage in VNominal Capacity (1h) in AhChemical Li-System (Cathode)Length L in mmWidth W in mmHeight Hmax. in mmMass m in kg
TEL-0480026 500 W / 12´482.6LiFePO4239226402
TEL-0480075 650 W / 30´487.5LiFePO434019 inch1 HE8
TEL-0480090 400 W / 1h489LiFePO434019 inch1 HE8
TEL-0480400 1750 W / 1h4840Li(NiMnCo)O234019 inch2 HE17

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