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Lithionator DRV Series

Lithionator DRV Series

Product Description

Lithionator® DRV is a CAN-Bus based battery system concept for propelled vehicles (electrical drives) of any kind and covers system voltages from 48 to 480 V (up to 750 V is optional possible). It is a modular concept. The housings are made from polystyrene (UL 94-V0). Per module 6 to 16 cells can be used. The modules have a slave electronic and are connected in series. The slaves are connected to the master electronic and are communicating with it.

Actively the balancing of the individual cells is handled by the “slaves”. The “master” observes the whole system including the discharge current (via Hall-sensor) and switches the discharge relay (Kilovac) and the charge relay (Panasonic or Kilovac). For visualisation of all information a 5.7’’-colour-screen with elective analogue or digital dashboard is available. Optional to the “master” connectable components are modules for insulation detection and interfaces as CAN to USB (computer) or CAN on Rasberry Pi.

Following scheme shows the detailed function of the system:

Functional Diagramm

Functional Diagramm


Specification Table

Nominal Voltage in V
Nominal Capacity (1h) in Ah
Chemical Li-System (Cathode)
Length L in mm
Width W in mm
Height Hmax. in mm
Mass m in kg
DRV-048030048 - 48030Li(NiMnCo)O218825824913
DRV-048053048 - 48053Li(NiMnCo)O222525824920
DRV-048060048 - 48060Li(NiMnCo)O221330129222
DRV-048100048 - 480100Li(NiMnCo)O217237148237

General Info

Polystyrene UL 94-V0
Female M6, Brass
12 Nm
Control System

Durable, Space-saving, and lightweight

Lithium-Ion accumulator systems are more durable, space-saving, and lighter than conventional systems with VLRA battery systems. They offer great advantages with regard to operational security as well as to economic viability.

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